A Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair.

I. Mopatis, Game of Thrones

Besides our standard seasonal menus, The Maiden will continually run additions to always offer you something different upon your return visits. Check back on the Events page or follow us on social media to keep up to date with our current features.

Events & Announcements

Trivia Night Tuesdays

Every Tuesday @ 8:30




Every Tuesday @ 8:30 we’ll be hosting Trivia Night at The Maiden led by the one and only Kenny Freda! So round up a diverse group of minds, grab a drink and compete for a chance to win a gift certificate for your team.


Now CLOSED on Mondays

Starting April 25th, 2016


We will now be closing on Mondays to make time for some RnR for our tireless staff as well as allow us to plan staff training, field trips and poker games.

Wine Wednesdays

May 17th, 2017

“Watch the World Burn”

If you joined us last week for wine Wednesday, you may have noticed we broke one of the cardinal rules of restaurants by bringing politics into the fold. Well I’m here today to tell you that my sources say that was completely false and unless you have tapes proving otherwise, we’re sticking to our story. And no, there’s no reason you should look into our Instagram history . . .  Anyhoo, today we’re going to switch gears and just sit back and watch the wheels come off as we sip three whites from our Chaotic Neutral section of the wine list.

Three 2oz pours for $12.

Vermintinu — Domaine Mestracci “E Prove” 2015 — Corsica, France

Malagouzia — Alpha Estate 2015 — Macedonia, Greece

Langhe Bianco  — Vajra-Baudana “Dragon” 2015 — Piedmont, Italy

Optional Pairing: $12

Smoked Trout Toast

aioli, caper, lemon, parsley leaf, pickled Vidalia onion



Every Wednesday we will be pouring a selection of wines that we normally only serve by the bottle. Each week we will have a specific theme with it’s very own goofy title and optional pairing. Supplies may be limited so come in early if ya can!

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Private Events

Hosting a large party? The Maiden would love to be of service.

Hosting a large(ish) party? Our backroom can be reserved for either sit down dinners or cocktail parties.

Shoot us an email for more info and availability.

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